CLICK HERE to Report a Found Pet
or to Search for a Pet That Is Missing




CLICK HERE to Report a Found Pet
or to Search for a Pet That Is Missing
Photo: At St. Pius X Church, New Orleans lakefront - Task Force Yankee, 104th Massachusetts Infantry, U.S. Army - Katrina, Sept., 2005 - by Rick Cinclair, Worchester Telegram
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    The Humane HEART - helping those who need it most - helping where it's needed most


To respond, as necessary, to critical situations as they arise.
To rescue animals in need of rescue.
To protect animals from abuse through direct action, campaigns, and legislation.
To promote kindness and understanding; and to advocate for justice.
To promote good health, and oppose damaging influences (regarding children).


Be humane; having a heart, especially for children and animals.
Offer help as a "Good Samaritan".
Correct unintentionally abusive or nuisance situations through cooperative efforts.
Avoid using force of law that may de-stablize; ending badly also for the abused.
Use the force of law to the fullest extent with regard to intentional abusers.

Special Appeal     For the Protection and Preservation of the Fort Polk, Kisatchie Wild Horses

Click the banner to go to the appeal.

Note: The removal of the horses started after this appeal was first made, more than a year ago.
The horses are in CRITICAL NEED of HELP. If you want to help, e-mail P.A. Wood, Humane HEART President, directly at: He will respond. Thanks.

Special Guest Presentation for the LAWCA and the Humane HEART:     A VALIANT STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE

VAL'S STORY   -   With Link To Slide Presentation

In September, 2012, a truck ran over a dog. The dog was seriously injured. And, the driver of the truck left the scene.

People in the neighborhood called for help from the authorities so that the dog could be cared for. The authorities did respond as a matter of record, but without diligence. The situation was considerably mis-handled.

One of the neighbors: Nancy Oliver, very upset over the incident, made a slide presentation to tell the story. You can see it at:
(best viewed using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser which allows the poigniant background music to play).


The Humane HEART has been sending out e-mail appeals for dogs in pounds and shelters where the dogs are in jeopardy of "euthanasia".

To be effective, it is important that recipients take action to help the dogs if they are in a position to do so, but also that they forward the e-mail to their contacts and post the appeals on social media.

The more the appeals propagate and "fan" out through the public, the more likely the dogs will get help.

Also, rescues need to get the messages.

If you would like to be part of our "network", send your name and e-mail address to, with "Appeals Network" in the subject line.

If you have contact information for one or more good rescues, especially specific breed rescues, please send that information to the same e-address.
Here are four dogs available for Adoption/Fostering/Rescue:    T h e i r    S i t u a t i o n    I s    U R G E N T !

CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ DETAILS AND SEE MORE PICTURES (of the dog in the picture) - Hover for name.




PLEASE Forward And Post Widely
Pictures Below

FAITH needs your help!

She is at Sabine Humane which also serves as an Animal Control shelter. Recently, Sabine Humane impounded many dogs to be held in a cruelty case. That seriously stressed Sabine Humane's ability to hold other dogs. So, help for Faith is URGENT-ly needed.


As the pictures show, Faith is a beautiful and special girl!!

She is a Plott Hound. Isn't the pattern of her brindled coat exceptional!

And what a stately apperance!!

This very sweet girl was a victim of abuse!

She is one of the dogs that were brought in to Sabine Humane in the large group of Plott Hounds that were seized in the cruelty case. They were staked out, and deprived of food and water. They had no one to love them and care about them.

The staff at Sabine Humane has been keeping her part-time in the shelter office, and have given her extra attention. Her response has been amazing! So very gentle and shy; she is fine with people and other dogs. She needs someone who will be patient and loving!! They want her to be a pet, and be loved.

She would make a great family pet!!

Faith is 9 months old, and weighs 40 pounds. She is heartworm negative, up-to-date on shots, and micro-chipped. Sabine Humane will have her spayed.

PLEASE, PLEASE give her a home, or help find her someone to adopt/foster/rescue.


Ellen Abington at (318) 471-6910 or

The Sabine Humane Society [at:]
cannot hold dogs indefinitely, so PLEASE adopt/foster/rescue!!!

Once the shelter gets full (as it is now), time gets short for some,
and it happens so quickly!!!

Long-distance adoption is possible.


Faith 1:

Faith 2:

Faith 3:


Too Many, Too Many!    "Call to Action"

It's only that there are too many; too many!

Trusting eyes look out from souls that are fearful and forlorn.

In this place where Death's emissary waits for cages to be tagged.

With days numbered, four in five will hear Death's wailing horn.

Loving and trusting, theirs is naught but to be killed and bagged.

Hands that imprison them, they're more prone to lick than bite.

It's not in them to hate, even if they could foresee their dismal fate.

It's said: "Evil holds sway when good men fail to do what's right!"

Innocence to death: sin of cardinal rank. Ending it must not wait!

"Shoulder to shoulder, bolder and bolder!" is our rallying call;

Clamoring for right, life over Death, in every government hall.

If we don't have the courage. If we shirk what we know is right;

We doom ourselves to dwell in darkness, restless in the night.

It's only that there are too many; too many!

Special Adoptable Dog

Mr. Blue Eyes

... with the most gorgeous blue eyes you have ever seen.

Picked up on a desolate country road, his emaciated body weighed only 39 lbs. With some TLC, he is now around 55 lbs. and ready to undergo heart worm treatment. Mr. Blue Eyes is housebroken, crate trained, updated on vaccines, and he is neutered. He gets along well with children and other dogs, and is very social.

Contact MBE's foster mom, Carolyn Kerner, at or (504)376-4035. Please visit (St. Francis Animal Sanctuary).
[Space Available]


Special Adopable Cat


A precious kitten (healthy and spayed) was rescued with her mother and littermates from a space that was about to be closed with concrete. The prettiest and smartest of them all, yet, since July, she is still waiting at the Cat Hospital in Metairie, Louisiana (1500 Veterans near Bonnabel) for someone to love her, and keep her indoors and safe. All of her littermates have been adopted. Please adopt, or at least pass the word about this adorable kitten.

Contact: Anastasia Crider at or (504) 462-1968.

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