The Humane HEART


Because any dollar that is donated that actually funds the intended purpose is money well spent.

Too often, with charities, money is diverted from the cause by extravagance, waste, and, in the worst cases, theft motivated by greed and facilitated with fraud.

The best way to "proof" a charity is to look at what it actually accomplishes for the cause, as compared to its intake in donations.

The focus of the Humane HEART (Health, Education, & Abuse Resolution Taskforce) is on:

X Providing Information

X Effectively Winning Or Defeating Legislation To Benefit The Humane Cause
       [The Humane HEART has been exemplary in the legislative arena.]

X Obtaining Justice In Resolving Abuse Issues

X Addressing Specific Situations That Require Humane Resolution
       (mainly regarding children, the elderly, pets, wildlife, etc.)

In the past, donations to the Humane HEART have usually been associated with necessary funding for special causes where every bit of the money went to the cause (e.g., an orthopedic operation on a seriously injured dog). Other than that, the work of the organization has been mostly self-supported; because most of that work was time-related, and required little or no spending of money. Time is consumed in responding to pleas for help; or in researching problems, and then taking action in the form of communications, in person and via correspondence, and occasionally physical intervention. These things don't cost money in the usual sense. They cost time, which translates to monetary loss because the time sacrificed would otherwise have been spent in income producing activities.

The Humane HEART continues to seek donations for worthy causes, which in no way profits the Humane HEART financially. However, with its newfound Internet presence, time spent has increased in maintaining websites and supplying information, such as the Humane HEART's "Laws and Legislation" page, or the Louisiana Animal Welfare Coalition Auxiliary website, which the Humane HEART supports, and hopes to continue to develop in serving the animal welfare community and the public in general. In the past, the activities of the Humane HEART had to be curtailed for interim periods in favor of income producing endeavors. It is about time for that to happen again. But, now, with time getting more limited, we hope to get enough in donations to allow the continuation of the work, which some may consider worth supporting. If the Humane HEART ever achieves financial stability, any abundance will be wisely distributed to other deserving charities that respect the humane ethic.

You can look at our website, especially the Actions and Campaigns list of past accomplishments (which only lists certain "high points", but far from every action and campaign) to get a bit of an idea about whether you think this is an effort worthy of your support.

There are so many causes, and a limit to what may be donated. I know there are other causes more worthy of your donations; so you need to be donating to those. (But you have to find them. They are not the big, rich organizations that have an over-abundance, regardless of the actual worthiness of their focus. They are often small, local organizations that function without grandiose advertizing and "fund-raising" campaigns. You must take care, and be very sober about selecting charities to support - the ones that actually need your donations.) However, if you are a person with your primary charities covered, have a bit extra, and you are especially impressed with the Humane HEART, and want to donate (just a relatively small amount) in support, then please do so, with my gratitude.

I believe the Humane HEART has been, and continues to be, a significant factor in the furtherance of the humane cause.

Humane HEART