The Humane HEART

        Actions and Campaigns


The Humane HEART has been working to bring about change to benefit the welfare of those who have little or no voice of their own: animals, children, and those of advancing years.

Much has been done in past years, and the Humane HEART continues to work productively in its causes.

The Humane HEART has addressed a number of situations that have arisen as "brush fires"; mostly in Louisiana, but also instances in California and Tennessee.


2000 : Year of the Humane Child
Animal Welfare Commission (Louisiana)
Animal Protection
Child Protection
Protection of Abused
Advocating for the Powerless
Kisatchie Wild Horses
Carriage Mules
Parade Horses
Urban Wildlife
Deer Poaching

Pre-HH Campaigns
(By HH Pres. P.A.Wood)

Grand Teton NP Elk
Olympic NP Mt. Goats
New Orleans Animal Humane Group [NOAH] Founding (c. 1983) & Activism

Legislative Campaigns (Louisiana)

Animal Protection
Cruelty to Animals
Dog Fighting
Child Protection
Animal Welfare Commission


Cat colony rescues
Incidental Dog Rescues
Potbellied Pig Rescues
Hurricane Katrina Rescues
Hurricane Rita Rescues/food-drops
(U.S. Army supported)
Amicus Curiae Brief
(LDW&F vs. LDAF re: Canned-hunts)
Information to Courts in Cruelty Cases
Incidental Assistance/Support to Others

Legislative Actions - Waged by Pinckney Wood (a partial list)

Note: Humane HEART President Pinckney Wood was the recipient of two HSUS Legislative Achievement Awards (the first at the inception of that award).
He drafted many of the bills in this list.

Aggravated Cruelty (toughest in the nation)
Felony Pet Theft (recognizing animal/human bonding)
Felony Dog Fighting
Dog Fighting Sentencing Limit Raised to that of Aggravated Cruelty
Bills to Prohibit Cockfighting
(Pinckney Wood was the most active figure opposing cockfighting in Louisiana)
Prohibition of Hog/Dog Fighting
Creation of the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission
Creation of the Louisiana Pet Registry
Cross-Reporting Law
No Zoo/Circus Animals in Canned-hunts
Bills to Prohibit Canned-hunts
Bill to Prohibit Harmful Lyrics
(Passed by the Legislature. Vetoed by Gov. Roemer
at 2nd Lady Tipper Gore's personal urging.)
Law to Block Objectionable Internet Websites
Law to Prohibit the Hiring of Felons by Nursing Homes, etc.
Abandoned Horse Protection Law
U.S. Prohibition on International Transportation re: Cockfighting
(This was an HSUS sponsored action which was suggested by Pinckney Wood.) Blocking/Amending Bad Bills

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