SITUATION CRITICAL - The shelter is on total over-load!!!
Dogs are in jeopardy, and need to be placed out of the shelter right away!!!

PLEASE Forward And Post Widely
Pictures Below

WINNIE needs your help! (She needs it right away!!!)

She is at Sabine Humane which also serves as Animal Control.
There have been a lot of dogs coming in, keeping the shelter stressed.
So, help for Winnie, and the other dogs, is URGENT-ly needed.
Sabine Humane is in Many, Louisiana (near the Texas border).
Long Distance Transportation may be possible! (See below).


Winnie is a beautiful Terrier-Pitt mix, with exceptionally beautiful markings!!

She is reminiscent of the dog "Pete(y)"in the "Little Rascals"!!

She is so quiet and very affectionate!! Now, she wins the prize as best dog in the shelter!!!

She is exceptionally sweet!!!

She gets along well with everyone!! She is playful and loves attention, but she is not pushy!!

She is fine with other dogs!! And, she is fine on a leash!!

Winnie is 1-year-old, and she weighs 48 pounds. She is heartworm negative, up-to-date on shots, micro-chipped, and Sabine Humane will have her spayed.

PLEASE, PLEASE give her a home, or help find her someone to adopt/foster/rescue.


Ellen Abington at 318-471-6910 or

The Sabine Humane Society [at:]
cannot hold dogs indefinitely, so PLEASE adopt/foster/rescue!!!

Once the shelter gets full (as it is now), time gets short for some.
And, it happens so quickly!!!

Long-distance adoption may be possible.
Contact: P.A. Wood at


Winnie 1:

Winnie 2:


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