Barkus XX (2012) - 38 Pictures

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King Wally

Queen Maggie

Queen Maggie (close-up)

Roots of Music helps kids grow

Taught leash is natural for Wires

Dexter (Dexter's costume was "Superman".)

Uh-oh!! We must be in South Louisiana!

Animal Rescue New Orleans is here!

"Throw me somethin' mista" - kindly reversed

Kissed by a dog! She didn't mind - just surprised.

Is it much farther?! OK, another treat would be good!

Two of the very best costumes

Exuberant parade goer with tail wagging!

Two more exuberant parade goers!

Hey! Cats want equal time! And, what's this with the "ticks"?!

Rue de Orleans - behind St. Louis Basilica

She's really, really good!
If you know her name, let me know.

The dog that sang along. He's good, too!

Carnival merriment - New Orleans style!

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